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The following are some scraps of news articles on the web or on newspapers that mentioned my appearance on the concerts or reviews of my performances in the past. When written in languages other than English, I have translated parts of articles, but the links will provide the full article in the language it was originally written. 

Please let me know through my contact page, if you have any concerns or disagree with how the article is displayed. Thank you.


UVA JAZZ ENSEMBLE presents Jazz Is A Global Village with guest alto saxophonist, Pureum Jin

Source: UVa Music Dept. Webpage (music.virginia.edu)

Release Date: November 2017

PRESS RELEASE – November 11, 2017, the UVA JAZZ ENSEMBLE presents Jazz Is A Global Village with guest alto saxophonist, Pureum Jin.

On Saturday, November 11, in Old Cabell Hall, the UVA Jazz Ensemble, directed by trumpeter/composer John D’earth, will present their fall offering, Jazz Is A Global Village, featuring as their special guest alto saxophonist, Pureum Jin. The concert is aptly named.  It is based on D’earth’s experience of meeting Ms. Jin, this past summer, at his weekly Thursday night gig at Miller’s on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall.  The extended engagement has been a mecca for jazz lovers and jazz players for decades.

“I love the musical and personal drama of having people sit in,” says D’earth of his Miller’s band, once a quintet but now, with the addition of Pureum Jin on alto sax, a sextet with three horns.  D’earth recounts what happened that night...

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[Today’s Recommendation] EBS ‘Space Gonggam’ - We LOVE JAZZ

Source: PD Journal (www.pdjournal.com)

Release Date: 06/11/2014

A special stage full of fun jazz ‘harmony’ will be held as it celebrates 10th anniversary of the program <Space Gonggam>. The interplay created by jazz musicians that represent Korea will be a present from Korean Jazz to a program that has been broadcasted for last 10 years.

The event, created and directed by four musicians in charge of supporting Korean jazz a middle man – Jongdae Oh (Drums), Dohun Lee (Drums), Changhyun Kim (Bass), Soonyong Lee (Bass), will be joined by figurative musicians that will allow people to see the stream of Korean jazz history starting with Sungjo Jung, the 1st generation of Korean jazz saxophonist, Jungsik Lee, a musician who can reinterpret wide range of music from avant-garde free jazz to old pop, Jiseok Kim, well-recognized saxophonist based on its solid technics, and Pureum Jin, a rare mainstream female saxophonist that is very hard to find in Korea...

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Female Saxophonist Pureum Jin

Source: KyopoShinmun (www.kyoposhinmun.com)

Release Date: 08/15/2012

Berlin – A young and attractive looking lady, Pureum Jin’s saxophone had a deep and laud sound as if she has had a long years of life experience. I was intrigued by the fact that a girl, as small as she, is playing the saxophone.

Last night on August 2nd, a quartet comprised of a saxophonist, pianist, bassist, and a drummer got on a stage at Korean Culture Center. Although the music was being played by four instruments, I could not help but to focus on the playing by the leader of the band, Pureum Jin.

The show in Berlin marked the final performance of their tour in Europe for the last 3 weeks, since team, Pureum Jin on alto sax, Minchan Kim on drums, Paul Kirby on piano, and Martin Zenker on bass, left Korea...

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paul kirby.jpg

EJBF 2012: Paul Kirby East-West

Source: Edinburgh Guide (www.edinburghguide.com)

Release Date: 07/31/2012

In amongst the crowd-pleasing hurly-burly and boogie-woogie brought to Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival audiences courtesy of Jools Holland, Curtis Stigers and Kyle Eastwood in terms of mainstream jazz, it was good to come across a few smaller gigs which show that modern jazz still has a few tricks up its sleeves.

This year, a fair few of these shows took place in the Bosco Theatre in George Square. The smallest of the three pavilions erected to lure in the masses once the Edinburgh Fringe goes into hyperdrive, the Bosco also suffers from poor air conditioning, zero soundproofing and seating which would make a church pew seem comfy...

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Jazz People.jpg

Rising Star 2012 - Five Young Lions that will lead Korean Jazz Scene

Source: Jazz People Magazine

Release Date: February, 2012

Bonam Koo / Hyemi Kim / Pureum Jin / Minchan Kim / Myunggun Lee

This year, “Rising Star” becomes the fifth year since its inception in 2008. Rising Star, young artists that are gaining much attention in the fields of diverse cultural fields, such as music and movies, means much more than just a selection of artists, as it recognizes their potential and sponsors their growth. This year’s selected rising stars from Korean jazz scene are considered to be ‘The Best’ as they are the ones that are the most active musicians in the field of jazz. Even more, their average age is 26.2 years. It is drawing more attention as it represents that their career has just started. Editors from Jazz People and Jazz musicians have participated in the selection of this year’s rising stars and Taekyun Jeong helped with the pictures. (Venue sponsor: Evans Lounge) ...

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